Shanxi University Of TCM


Improve school infrastructure, adequate educational resources. Existing Taiyuan, Jinzhong two campuses, covers an area of 1069.50 acres, the building area of 368,000 m 2 . Jinzhong campus unique architectural style, elegance, beautiful environment, built Fu Shan sculpture, relief medicine culture, on the lake, Shennong trough cultural landscape, full of rich cultural elements of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine is the Shanxi Cultural education base. School teaching and research equipment worth up to 100 million yuan, 736,200 collection of paper books, there are 380,000 kinds of electronic books, electronic resources database 19, to establish a performance of advanced modern electronic library system and computer network service system.


School personnel training system more comprehensive, school quality steadily. In 2007, with good results assessed by the Ministry of Education undergraduate teaching level. 2014, a high level by the Ministry of Education in the medical profession certification. It consists of 14 secondary school teaching institutions, offering 23 undergraduate majors, covering medicine, science, engineering, management, agriculture and other multiple disciplines. Existing national characteristic specialty construction 1, the Ministry of Education Undergraduate comprehensive reform of a Shanxi brand of professional 3, Shanxi specialty construction featuring four universities, Shanxi training model innovation experimental zone 1. There are two level disciplines authorized a master’s degree, 13 two disciplines authorized a master’s degree; there are three disciplines master’s degree authorization, 11 secondary discipline master’s degree authorization. Existing full-time students in 8283 people, including 502 graduate students.

Teaching Institutions

Basic Medical School of Clinical Medicine (MBBS).

Acupuncture and Massage College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

College of Nursing College of Integrative Medicine.

Clinical College of Medicine School of Management.

Fu Shan Institute of Humanities Institute of Pharmacy and Food Engineering.

School of Continuing Education (Vocational and Technical College).

Graduate School Center for International Education of Ideological and Political Theory.

Teaching and Research Department of Sports.

Management Center Experiment.

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