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Scholarship By Jiangsu University of Science and Technology


DURATION: Bachelors:4 Years, Master: 2 Years , PhD: 3 Years

Scholarship For Bachelors:

“4 year scholarship. After scholarship the student needs to pay RMB 4250 to the university per year. 2nd year onwards 75% of class will be awarded with a yearly stipend of RMB 8000-2000 depending on his/her position in the class.”
Top 5% =8000RMB
Top 15% =6000RMB
Top 16%-35% =4000RMB
Top 56%-75%= 2000RMB

Bachelor’s Programs avaliable For Scholarship:
1. Computer Science and Technology
2. Electrical Engineering and Automation
3. Civil Engineering
4. Mechanical Engineering
5. Mechatronic Engineering
6. BBA
7. Biotechnology
8. Marine Engineering

Scholarship For Masters:

“Tuition and accommodation waiver(free) with a Monthly stipend(Pocket Money) of RMB 900(For 10 months)”

Master’s Programs avaliable For Scholarship:
1. Computer Science and Technology
2. Information Communication Engineering
3. Control Science and Engineering
4. Heating and Ventilation
5. Marine Engineering
6. Design and Manufacture of Naval Architecture and Ocean Structure
7. Civil Engineering
8. Material Science
9. Chemistry Engineering and Technology
10. Biology
11. Special Economic Animal Farming

Scholarship For PhD:

“Tuition and accommodation waiver(free) with Monthly stipend(Pocket Money) of RMB 1200(For 10 months)”

Master’s Programs avaliable For Scholarship:
1. Material Science
2. Special Economic Animal Farming


Scans of the following documents are required to apply

1. High school transcripts
2. Bachelor Degree and Transcript( Only For Master Applicants)
3. Master Degree and Transcript ( Only For PhD Applicants)
4. Passport
5. Photograph
6. Physical Examination Form
5. Police Character Certificate
6 2 Recommendation Letters ( Only For Master/PhD Applicants)


In order to continue the scholarship, the student will have to keep up with the following terms and conditions:

1. Should at least have B grade or a GPA of at least 2.5.
2. Should not fail any subject.
3. Attendance in the class should be 90%
4. Should not break any law of the University
5. Should not break any law of P. R. China
6. Should not indulge in a fight or bad behavior inside or outside the campus.


Service Charges: 4000$ (Bachelors), 2500 USD (Masters and PHD),

Other then the Scholarships the Service Charges also Covers following Student’s Expenses:
* Jw202 Visa Application Fee
* Service Charges
* DHL Charges
* AirPort Pick and Drop Service ( From China Airport to University Hostel)
* Insurance

Note: Any Expense other then the mentioned One’s Are self paid by Students​

Fee Structure (University Actual Fee)
Tuition Fee 30,000 RMB
Hostel Fee 6,000 RMB
University Location Zhenjiang, Jiangsu,

Bachelors Package: Completely Free Tuition fee of 4 years with 1st year hostel also fee students just have to pay hostel fee of 4250 RMB from 2nd year onwards,
Masters/PHD Package: Completely Free Tuition and Hostel fee of 2 years with monthly stipend of 900RMB (Masters) and 1200RMB (PHD)

How To Apply ?

To Apply For This Scholarships please Fill our student Registration Form, once recieve our reginal office shall contact on the Number that you provided,
Note: You can also contact on our Provided Number +92 335 5940989 but by 1st filling the Student Registration Form Your seat will be Researved

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