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"Following Are Some Exclusive Scholarships Provided by China Universities for Bachelors, Masters, and PDH Programs, China Government Scholarship CSC / CGS Is For Masters And PHD Programs only, And Is Available Only From (DEC-MARCH)"

Scholarship For Pakistani Students North University Of China

( Bachelors Programs )

North University Of China is offering Exclusive Bachelor Program Scholarships for only Pakistani Students ,


  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science and Technology

  • Tuition Fee
  • Hostel Fee
  • Monthly Stipend of RMB 1000-1250
  • Application Form Fee
  • Insurance Fee
  • Resident Permit Fee

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Jiangsu University of Science and Technology

( Bachelor, Master and PHD Programs )

Jiangsu University of Science and Technology is offering University Level China Scholarship for Bachelor Programs In English Medium, International Students may apply.
Scholarship avaliable in following Majors

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering And Automation
  • Computer Science and Technology
  • Bachelors in International trade and economy

What My Scholarship Cover's?
Free Tuition fee of 4 years, 1st year hostel fee also free. Which Means students just have to pay Hostel fee of 4200 RMB 2nd year onwards.

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How To Apply for China Scholarship

Very easy and simple process, you just need to Contact Us



You first need to send your documents to our email for assessment. Once assessed you will be told about the result through email or call. You can visit or call our regional offices for further information. Or directly contact us at WebClinic24@gmail.com

  • Passport 1st four pages,
  • Passport sized photograph,
  • Metric and FSC Transcripts,
  • Degrees and Transcripts,


The JW201/JW202 along with the Admission Letter may take up till the end of August to reach the student. Usually the student needs to reach the campus by mid of September. In the mean time, the student needs to get his documents prepared.

  • The Matric and F. Sc Transcripts are to be attested By IBCC ,
  • The Police Character Certificate is to be made and have it attested by MOFA,
  • The Physical Examination Form is to be made and attested as well


Next step is to pay the application form fee (Non-Refundable) of USD 200, after which the JW202/201 will be applied at MOE China. The JW202/201 usually takes 6-8 weeks to reach You.


Finally once the JW202/201 reaches you, you get your files and interview prepared for your appearance at the China Embassy. You get your visa stamped at the Embassy (which usually takes 4 working days) and off you go to China - Your Future

Do You Have Any Questions About China Scholarship ?

"Following are some common Questions Regarding Scholarships in China or If you have any other queries feel free to Ask"

How can I get the latest information about Chinese Government Scholarship?


You can get an updated scholarship information by visiting the website of China Scholarship Council or Our Website . You can also consult the Chinese Embassy (Consulate General) in your home country or designated Chinese universities for your interested information.

What are the documents required to apply for Scholarship In China?


Usually Different universities may require different documents. However a generalized list of documents required to apply for Scholarships in China is given below:

  • Matric and FSC transcripts (High School Transcripts)
  • Bachelor Degree and Transcript
  • 2 Recommendation Letters from professor or associate professor
  • Study Plan no less then 1,000 words
  • Physical Examination Form
  • Police Character Certificate
  • Passport sized photograph
  • Passport 1st 4 Pages

How to get scholarship in China?


First, find your ideal university through Webconsultants Website . Then, search through Webconsultants Scholarship Homepage and find out which categories of scholarship the university provides. Check detail of the scholarship and find the application channel information. You can apply China scholarship through that channel.

What is “Agency Number” when applying China scholarship?


Agency Number is the first required item when applying online at CSC Online Application System for International Students.

How to write a Study Plan or Research Proposal?


A study plan or Research proposal should consist of some details about yourself, then some information about your education background and information of the major (course) you wish to apply for. Furthermore, you should write about the research you have already done and wish to continue in the university you chose in China.

What does a fully funded scholarship cover?


The Tuition Fee and Hostel Fee for the entire duration of the course is exempted and to make it even more interesting, a monthly Stipend of RMB 3,000 (Almost USD 500) is provided to the applicant as long as he/she full fills all the criteria of the
Scholarship In China

How many kinds of Scholarships are there in China?


There are different kinds of Scholarships in China like Fully Funded Chinese Government Scholarships covering Tuition Fee, Hostel Fee and providing a Monthly Stipend of almost USD 500 per month for Post-graduate students while a Monthly Stipend of almost USD 600 is given to the Doctorate students. Then there are Partial scholarships offered by Provincial or Local Governments, Universities, Organizations. etc which may cover Part of the Tuition Fee, or Complete Tuition Fee, some may also offer exemption of Both Tuition and Hostel Fees, others may offer exemption of Tuition Fee and also offer a stipend without exempting the Hostel.

What is the deadline for application of Scholarships in China?


Different kinds of scholarships have different deadlines. Usually the Chinese Government Scholarships (Fully Funded Scholarships) finish accepting applications between end of February and end of April, but the earlier you apply the better it is for you. Partial scholarships may continue till the end of June.


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